Glance is...


As a virtual data assistant our job is to make life easier for agencies and small businesses that want to use data by bringing it together in one place.

Always at your service, Glance brings you scheduled reports and smart notifications. Glance can even answer questions about your data in plain english!  

Save time with social data reports and web analytics in Slack.


Brands today use many online services to gain exposure, talk to customers and run their business more effectively. From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Google Analytics. If you're not online, you're not in business.

Using these online services brings an opportunity to learn from heaps of customer data and gain insights from your online channels. The problem is that keeping track of all the data from these platforms manually takes time and current data solutions are too expensive, time consuming, & difficult for small businesses.


Glance brings the power of data analysis into your everyday workflow and stands out from other dashboard products through our integration with chat interfaces such as Slack.

Simply put, Glance brings you more value from your data with less time and effort.



Why we created Glance

With our last startup, Unified Remote, we used several online services as many companies do these days.  We used Facebook and other social media to communicate with our fans, Mailchimp to announce new features, Zendesk to keep tabs on support, and Google Analytics to measure activity on our website.

 As startup co-founders we were a small team running a small business.  We didn’t have enough time to collect data from our 12+ online services every week, enter this data in excel and interpret it retroactively.  We also didn't have the resources to hire someone to do data analysis.

We wanted to use Qlik at first since we worked there before,
but like many other services we found it too complicated to setup ourselves and too expensive to justify the monthly expense.

That’s why we created Glance - an easier way
to keep track of all our social analytics, website stats, and metrics
from all sorts of online services that we use every week.

Hope you get as much use from it as we do.


Michael, Philip & Jakob


Lovingly Made in Malmö