✨ Get to Know the New Glance ✨

Happy to announce a completely new web experience for Glance.  

Now you can add connections, organize sets of metrics, schedule reports, set triggered alerts, send any metrics to any Slack channels and do more with your data.  

Glance is now better, faster, stronger to make your data days easier 💪 😎

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Here's what's new...



Summary of the new features (2 min)


Feature by Feature


✨ Multi-Channel Slack ✨

With the new VIEWS feature on Glance - like playlists for your data - you can send specific sets of metrics to specific Slack channels 📲  Keep reading to find out how...



Now you can easily find any of your data by searching or scrolling from the top bar.



Views are like data playlists. Organize your metrics in groups, then schedule reports and setup triggered alerts for each view. You can even send different views to different Slack channels 📲 😀


Scheduled Reports & Triggered Alerts

Scheduled Report

A set of metrics (a view) are sent to a specific Slack channel at a day & time that you set.


Triggered Alert
A metric or set of metrics (a view) are sent to a specific Slack channel when
1) any metric changes
2) only when any metric increases, or
3) only when any metric decreases.


Multi-Metric Graphs

Useful for seeing how specific metrics correlate with others.

Is your Facebook success consistent with higher web traffic? Does your Klout score go up as you get more Twitter followers or if you tweet more often?

Now you can see several metrics on the same graph!  The easiest way to do this is by adding several metrics to the same view and then visualizing from there.

*This is the first iteration, so it can get messy real quick if you're adding data at different scales.  In the future we will roll out support for normalizing data on graphs to make it easier to spot correlations, so stay tuned...


New Data Connections


Goo.gl Link Shortener
Link shortener & tracker. Like bitly, made by Google.
Now tracking - Recent Links, Top Links, Total Clicks, Top Locations



Measures your influence on social media & suggests content to share.
Now tracking - Klout score



A big thanks to our users and customers!  

Your requests and feedback keep Glance growing with great new features all the time, so keep the great ideas coming!
👏 👊 🙌

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